Migrating Facebook Comments From Blogger To WordPress

If you were using Blogger for your blog and have finally decided to migrate to WordPress, you maybe wondering how will you migrate the Facebook comments of your blog readers to your new blog. This tutorial shows exactly how to do that.

Finally my blog’s migration is over, and now I have a sense of relief. This blog was started two years ago, first was a WordPress.com site, then migrated to Blogger. I kept using Blogger for sometime, but there were many reasons after which I decided to finally give WordPress a try. So took a day off, and migrated all my content, posts, pages and comments from Blogger to this self-hosted wordpress blog. And I didn’t lose my Google Page Rank in the process by following this tutorial, and finally my users can enjoy a fresh new blog in faster servers :-D. Continue reading

Top Features Of MySQL

MySQL is the most popular free software RDBMS out there and is used by large websites to maintain data in a database for easier and faster manipulation  This post aims to answer all queries of a beginner who has just started with MySQL.

This is a guest post by Brianne Walter. Brianne is a blogger by profession. She loves writing, travelling and reading books. She contributes to Dr Hugh Hetherington. Check here for more on Dr Hugh Hetherington. If you want to write a guest post, please check this page.


Database is the real backbone for any software or app that is getting developed. MySQL is the open source relational database system coming with reliable features. One can develop a fantastic application using MySQL. Its advantages are more and worldwide applications are getting developed enormously. With PHP, its partnership is well proven. Let us see the most important tip that every beginner should have in mind.

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How Desktop Linux Continues To Survive Despite A Low Market Share

How does desktop Linux survive despite a low (3%) market share and no multi-billion dollar organizations backing it? How does new versions of Linux distros come out every six months while Windows takes years.

I am using GNU/Linux for the past two years and often hear a comment from some of my friends – Linux has just 1% market share, it will die one day. Their notion maybe fairly true, GNU/Linux has no big company like Microsoft as a financial backing, nor a significant market share to attract more and more people and to its base. Now there are people switching to Linux everyday, still the desktop share of all Linux distros combined has remained below 3% of all computers since the beginning of personal computing era. We often hear that 20XX year will be the year of Linux desktop, and a whole lot of people will switch to GNU/Linux distros from Windows or Mac. But that year never comes, and frankly speaking, will never come at least in this decade. There are a many satisfied people using Windows in their computers, and I find no reason of them switching to Linux straight away.

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Change Server Forms To AJAX Forms By Just Changing A Function – Power Of QCubed

This is my first post about QCubed, about one of the most impressive features – changing get/post server forms to AJAX forms by just changing a function.

Lately, I am into much development work using PHP. This is the last year of my college, and I have to submit two projects this year which carry 25% of total marks. I had always admired PHP before, and even attempted an application or two, but its QCubed that changed my entire outlook of PHP.

On Women, Goddesses And Rapes

If a woman’s worth is just beneath her clothes, and her prize beneath her legs, then abolish all women goddesses from the Hindu culture. Some of us are saying that the world is going to end on 21st this month. You are wrong if you live in India. For us, the world has already ended.

Things have changed in India dramatically. The fact that I am blogging here (after ages) simply means that it has effected me a lot, a lot. And it’s not just one Delhi incident that happened last Sunday night. It’s a serial that gets repeated now and then, every year, every week, every day.

I am not giving sympathy to that girl, whoever she is, wherever she lives, whatever she does. What was her fault? Going out independently and doing what se liked to do? Isn’t that a right of every human being out there? And why was she chosen for such a brutal, violent crime?

Some of us are saying that the world is going to end on 21st this month. You are wrong if you live in India. For us, the world has already ended.

Why I Am Again Restarting This Blog

What keeps me to love this blog? Why I am starting it off again after a lapse of 6 months?

So apparently, my last blog post here was on 17th of May, that’s a little less than seven months ago according to my calculation. A lot of changes have happened in my life in this period, and life is moving faster than expected. For example, I am already in the last year of my college grads, and struggling to keep pace with studies. My friends have changed, though some close ones are just the same :-) and as expected, I still don’t have a girlfriend. This is the first time since my adulthood that I have been single for over an year, and I am kinda proud to say that. Continue reading

List Of Best Best Free Tools you can use to Help keep your Linux Systems Secure (Ubuntu, Fedora, Arch Linux, Debian etc)

This page lists the best security tools availiable in Linux. From malware detection, antivirus to network analysis, we have all here and free too.

This is a guest post by Brianne Walter is a blogger who also happens to be a tech freak. She loves spending on tech stuff and has recently bought a new Sony Ericsson Spiro. These days she is busy in writing an article on Toyota Land Cruiser. If you would like to write a guest post for us, head over to this page.

The secure nature of Linux based systems scores over Windows and other operating systems but the complexity of use of Linux systems works against greater acceptance for these operating systems. Windows is much more susceptible to malware attacks and the security of the systems is often compromised if appropriate anti-malware and internet security applications are not used. Such tools are not necessary on Linux systems as the system is extremely secure. Even then, to be on the safer side, Linux users have open source applications available to them to protect systems and networks against unauthorized access.

linux security tools list
Linux Security