Why I Am Again Restarting This Blog

What keeps me to love this blog? Why I am starting it off again after a lapse of 6 months?

So apparently, my last blog post here was on 17th of May, that’s a little less than seven months ago according to my calculation. A lot of changes have happened in my life in this period, and life is moving faster than expected. For example, I am already in the last year of my college grads, and struggling to keep pace with studies. My friends have changed, though some close ones are just the same :-) and as expected, I still don’t have a girlfriend. This is the first time since my adulthood that I have been single for over an year, and I am kinda proud to say that.

The main reason of me abandoning this blog is that I have got a new job at Muktware. If you have some free time, check it out. Its one of the leading open technology blogs in the world right now, offers latest news and updates from the free world of Linux, Open Source, and sometimes, innovative open hardware. I work there as a part time journalist, and since its a correspondent work, I have to submit some articles everyday. Sometimes I love my job, because its related with Linux, something that has a special place in my life. And sometimes things become boring. Well that’s a part of life, we all have to accept that.

So why I am starting this blog? I don’t need money, I have it enough. On the contrary, I don’t get time to research and post much. Visitors still visit my blog, thanks to the high quality of posts I posted earlier, and on an average, I get around 400 page hits a day. That’s quite a lot, depending on the niche of the blog.

The only thing that puts me back to type again for this blog is the readers. Yes its you! Your lovely comments, feedback and appreciation keep me going. I get tons of comments in a week, and a message in Facebook or an email from a reader almost everyday. People here trust me, I have made some wonderful friends through this blog, though not a geeky girlfriend yet;-).

So when a mail came from BigRock regarding renewal of domain for this blog, I had no second thoughts but just to toss 500 bucks and renew it for another year.

In order to put this blog again to the right track, there’s a lot of work that needs to be done. Two weeks ago, I changed the look of this blog to make it look more simpler. I am on a slow connection, and I understand people who are in slow connection too. There are ads floating around which do not look cool, and I have to sit and make them go with the blog theme. And of course, I will have to post new tutorials and howtos. Just a word of caution, the Arch Linux installation tutorial is old, and a lot of things have changed regarding installing it. I will find time to figure it out myself and post a new tutorial soon. There are hell lot of comments that need to moderated, emails replied and people to be contacted again.

There are also a few good surprises coming up. Keep an eye on this blog, I will post some this week :-)

Thanks again for being a wonderful reader and keeping me to blog even more.

Just a note, in the recent Google Pagerank change, this blog scored a page rank of three. Earlier it was too. I am grateful to people who love our post and link and share them with friends.

Saurav Modak 

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4 thoughts on “Why I Am Again Restarting This Blog

  1. Jayant Deo

    Hi Saurav, thanks for coming back. I was regularly checking your website for new post and once thought to message you on fb why you are not writing on linuxb.

    You are writing new arch linux installation tutorial right? In that tutorial please include how to setup internet connection via GPRS. It is holding me back to install arch linux on my main pc.

    In ubuntu it is way easy to setup internet connection via network manager but in arch I don’t know how to.

    So please please include this on your new tutorial, or please reply here.

    This is a request from loyal reader :)

    1. Saurav Modak

      Hello. Sorry for the delay. But the good news is that arch install tutorial is underway and will be published in the coming days. So keep an eye on this site, you will find it soon :-)


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