On Women, Goddesses And Rapes

If a woman’s worth is just beneath her clothes, and her prize beneath her legs, then abolish all women goddesses from the Hindu culture. Some of us are saying that the world is going to end on 21st this month. You are wrong if you live in India. For us, the world has already ended.

Things have changed in India dramatically. The fact that I am blogging here (after ages) simply means that it has effected me a lot, a lot. And it’s not just one Delhi incident that happened last Sunday night. It’s a serial that gets repeated now and then, every year, every week, every day.

I am not giving sympathy to that girl, whoever she is, wherever she lives, whatever she does. What was her fault? Going out independently and doing what se liked to do? Isn’t that a right of every human being out there? And why was she chosen for such a brutal, violent crime?

Some of us are saying that the world is going to end on 21st this month. You are wrong if you live in India. For us, the world has already ended.

Do we need to be reminded now an then, after an unfortunate gets raped, that we need stronger laws to deal with these things? Why doesn’t it comes through our conscience automatically? This will die soon, that’s the brutal reality. We all will get busy with our own lives and work, until some other woman gets raped here, and we, so called “civil society” will again engage ourselves in news hour debates, facebook and twitter posts and shares, and maybe, marches and candle lights walks. It shows that we are not robots, we do have some emotions. But is that enough?

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Today its someone I don’t know. Tomorrow it can be my friend, wife or sister. And even if its someone related to me, what will I be able to do? Lodge a case, a FIR, that’s it. Maybe police will nab the culprits and put them behind bars. But will it stop? We are just curing the symptoms, not the disease.

I am not going to posts the details of what happened here. You can find some better sources elsewhere. I am just posting what I feel. And honestly, I feel nothing. Maybe I am too helpless, speechless, strengthless or all the same together. Sometimes I, as a human being feel so weak, weak to do whats wanted, whats needed. How much time will it take us to realize that what we, people, security forces, and the government is doing is just not enough.

I used to pride myself being a Hindu. We worship women, and goddesses like Kali, Durga etc are respected thought India across state, borders and territories. At the same time we molest them, tease them, make them feel insecure, and try to control them at every path of our lives. Why this double standard attitude?

If a woman’s worth is just beneath her clothes, and her prize beneath her legs, then abolish all women goddesses from the Hindu culture. Thats we really are. There is no need of show off to the world that we are one of the oldest civilizations in the world that respect women the most. Its better we show our true colors and how inhuman we are as Indians.

All my life, my parents have told me to not do things that I may be ashamed. But its the first time I am feeling shameful, for being a man, a human, an Indian, and not being able to do enough. I would like to know if there is something I can do that can change our future.

Saurav Modak

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4 thoughts on “On Women, Goddesses And Rapes

  1. Anonymous

    Stop writing feminist crap. Dare you not rant against “Indian culture”! Parading semi-nude in front of wolves will lead to the wolf pouncing on you. Why be a hypocrite? If you want to change Indian culture, start with yourself, stop criticising things and act. Closet commie!

  2. Saurav Modak

    Great, so people get raped because they pose semi nude in front of wolves. What about those kids of below ten years who get exposed to sexual abuse? Or better, ladies older than 40 years of age. Do they pose semi nude too?

    And i guessed right. Its because of people, err sorry, wolves like you that India isnt changing.

  3. Anonymous

    You’re deluded. I don’t support the rapists. I don’t support the semi-nudes either.

    And you are damn right India isn’t changing because of people like me. If the day comes when Indian culture goes to nought, these rapists will have a free run and bring ruin upon everyone.

    1. Saurav Modak

      If people got raped because of dress they wore or the way they behave then we wouldnt see old age women and kids getting raped. Its the mindset we need to change, not the way of dress.

      What about other countries of Asia, like Korea or Japan, or maybe even China? Girls there wear short skirts that Indian women can never dare to wear. Yet they can roam about freely on the streets without getting raped or abused. Its because people there have different mindset about women and sex all together..

      Dont tell girls what to wear, better tell men not to rape


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